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BonAPI | About the API

Through the integration of the Dynamic Ingredients API solution, you can give recipes the functionality to adapt any users' dietary requirements.

As API offers the functionality behind the dynamic ingredients, you are able to define the presentation, design, as well as types of information that you wish to display and how. The BonAPI offers full nutritional information along with all alternatives, allowing any nutritional changes in the recipe through altered ingredients to be communicated.
Full documentation can be found here, but in summary, the types of parameters that can be used to find viable alternative suggestions are:

Required Parameters

The ingredient you would like to find alternatives for.

Optional parameters

Based on the parameters passed through BonAPI, viable alternatives will be dynamically found for the ingredients in our database.

Information that can be returned:

  • Suitable alternatives to the queried ingredient taking into account the provided parameters regarding dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances, and preparatin techniques;
  • Macro- and Micro-nutritional (mineral and vitamin) information as well as flavour and structure profiles for the searched ingredient as well as its alternatives.

Below is an example online recipe that has been made dynamic through the BonAPI. Not only is the user able to find alternatives for the ingredients individually, a dietary preference can also be selected which automatically transforms the recipe to suit that diet.
The user can also select the converted ingredient to see other options as replacements.


Serves 6



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Step 5

If you are interested in our API and would like to learn more about how to integrate it into your website, check out our API documentation or let us know!