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As simple as 1, 2, 3

The BonAPI Ingredient Alternatives Widget is the easiest way to integrate BonAPI's technology with your app or website. Implementation requires only a single line of HTML and registration for a BonAPI widget access code.
For customisation of the widget, for example for colours, fonts, logo etc., please arrange a call with us.

Your BonAPI Widget Access Code

The BonAPI widget access code is available upon request and necessary for you to be able to integrate the iFrame successfully. The access code is appended to the base url, and is unique to you, allowing us to identify the permissions and personalisations associated with your widget as well as monitoring the number of calls made. The domain from which the the request made is also monitored to ensure only you have access to your widget's functionality.
Please send us a message or arrange a call to set up your BonAPI widget access code and personalise your widget.

Widget Integration

Integration of BonAPI's Ingredient Alternatives widget is implemented through an iFrame with this line of HTML code below.

Widget Integration Code:
<iframe width="800" height="400" src="<YOUR_WIDGET_ACCESS_CODE>"></iframe>

Ingredient Alternatives Widget

Have a look at our working example of the Ingredient Alternatives Widget.