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BonAPI | Database Services

The identity card for your recipe.

Today, when users look for recipes, they want more than just ingredients and working steps. They want to learn about what impact the food has on themselves as well as their surroundings.

We understand your (users') recipes

Our smart ingredient recognition understands even your most complex ingredient entries and matches them with ingredient tags.

2quantity largesize carrotsingredient, peeledpreparation andconjunction dicedpreparation.49g carrot (peeled)

2 quantity
  large size
carrots ingredient
peeled preparation
and conjunction
diced preparation
49g carrot (peeled)

All the ingredients for success. And then some.

BonAPI matches the ingredient tags with all the information your users are interested in.BonAPI uses the ingredient tags to create a recipe profile so that you can display all the information your users are interested in. For an example check out this page from your desktop.




allergies & intolerances

Country & Continent specific seasonality


different country & region specific nutritional claims


different nutritional values

Basic Flavour Tags

For you to share with the world

Allow your users to learn more about your recipes.


How we can bring your recipes to the next level.

Ingredient Database Cleaning

We use our ingredient matching algorithm to clean your ingredient database and identify synonyms, duplicates and non-food items.

Recipe Data Enrichment

We create recipe profiles for your recipe collection so that you can display important peripheral information to your users, such as nutritional values, allergen information and seasonality.

Ongoing Services

We become your data provider for all things recipe. When users add new recipes, we automatically create a recipe profile to display peripheral information.

Custom Solutions

You have a specific problem with your recipe or ingredient database? You would like to offer your users custom information with your recipes? We are constantly developing our services further - let's talk and find a solution together!

Data mise en place

Learn more about how your recipes can be enriched.