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An Ingredient. A Product.

Ingredient level product placements in all recipes matching chosen theme and target audience.

In focus without being a distraction

Users see a relevant product placement right when they are deciding whether to cook a recipe and shop for it.

Recipe sponsorship unlimited

Gone are the days when a brand sponsorship is limited to a select number of recipes that are manually maintained and quickly become outdated and obsolete.

We bring brands’ products straight to select ingredients in real time. Highly targeted.

We connect products to all suitable ingredients directly in the ingredient list of recipes. Users see the product example right before they are making a purchasing decision.
Product placements should only occur in specific recipe types? Only in soups or baked goods? Only in recipes that take less than 30 minutes to cook? Only if its a pasta dish? Check.
We are able to target the product placements based on countries and regions. Want to know which regions cook recipes that your products are suitable for the most? We got you covered.

An opportunity for recipe site and food brand alike

Recipe providers are able to monetize a greatly under-utilized resource while brands are able to access the most targeted marketing yet.

Confidence in the relevance of advertisements

Not impacted by ad-blockers

Native placement within content

All exposure data in one place

Get relevant monthly user insights on the advertisements

Total impressions

How often was the product placement viewed? Which recipes was the product placement most often found in?

Average impressions per user

How many times were users exposed to the product placement on average?

Average exposure time per user

How long was a user exposed to the product placement on average? The longer the exposure, the higher the likelihood the recipe was cooked and its ingredients bought.

Most commonly viewed recipe types

Did a user mostly look for soups? Were the product placements most often viewed in baking recipes?

Impressions based on location

Where are the product placements viewed from? Is there a specific area that accounts for the most views?

Complimentary ingredients

Which other ingredients are the products usually used with? What other user purchases are likely?

BonAPI Ingredient Sponsoring

You are a recipe site or a food brand? Contact us to learn more about how to better monetize your recipes or how to engage with millions of hobby cooks