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Integrate BonAPI with your recipe app or website to start offering your users ingredient alternative suggestions

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A test is worth a thousand words

Let's have a go at imagining how your recipe could work with BonAPI.

We follow your recipe step by step

In go the ingredient list and recipe instructions - Out they come, altered to your user's preferences.

  • Ingredient List

    You send us the ingredient list as is, including amounts and descriptions. We match the ingredients to our database. Only if all ingredients are matched do we suggest alternatives.

  • Recipe Instructions

    You send us the full recipe instructions. With the help of natural language processing, we not only understand new steps, grammar and positioning of the ingredients but also potential cooking techniques used. We take these into account to find better suitable alternatives.

  • Diets

    From the ingredients, we can understand whether a recipe is suitable for a specific diet. We let you know which diets the recipe is suitable for as well as which diets it can be adjusted to with BonAPI. We currently offer pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan as dietary selections.

  • Allergies & Intolerances

    The ingredients also tell us the potential allergies that are present in the recipe. This allows you to alert the user of any allergies and lets the user exclude alternatives containing certain allergies. We currently identify 15 different allergies and intolerances amongst which are 13 of the main allergens listed by the EU (also recognized by the UK & US).

  • Nutritional Information

    We provide you with a full nutritional profile of the recipe, based on the ingredients list provided. This list of micro- and macro nutrients gets updated every time a user changes the recipe so that they can understand what effect their changes had on calories, protein or fat content for example.

Serve your recipes à point

Check out our Dynamic Recipe API documentation or contact us to learn more about how your recipes can become dynamic